Audio / Video

Multi-Room Audio
Home Theater
TV Installation
Universal Remotes
Media Servers

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Surveillance Cameras

We provide, install and setup several different types of camera systems, ranging from standard to HD megapixel resolution, with cameras that can be viewed from your mobile phone or PC. Contact us for an in-home/in-store demo.

Digital Signage

Stop wasting money and time displaying static ads- they blend in and become a victim of ad-blindness. Digital signage allows you to display many more ads and interactive content, and easily change text from your mobile phone or PC.

Let us give you an in-store demo. Digital signage not only displays information for your own business, but can also provide revenue through leasing advertising space to other businesses. It’s also perfect for keeping customers engaged in waiting areas.

Lighting / Shades / Temperature

Labus Technologies provides lighting, shade and temperature control all through the Lutron system. Control everything through your iPad or iPhone.

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